Upcoming Gigs

Sat June 15th Don’t Panic rocks The Wanch from 9pm till 10:15pm. The Full line-up is 6pm Chorus School Of Rock, 9pm Don’t Panic 10:30pm The Young Bucks 12am RE’CALL. HH 3-8pm & The kitchen is open from 2pm till 10:40pm & No Cover Charge… See you on the 15th. HH 3-8pm & No Cover Charge.  http://www.thewanch.hk

Video of Don’t Panic Live at The Wanch Apr 6th. Here is the latest video of Don’t Panic live at The Wanch.  https://youtu.be/ PAJTxqZ0isg?si=j9jK6LbB8QkgHCSI You can see other Don’t Panic videos on the John Prymmer YouTube Channel

Video of Don’t Panic Live at The Wanch Jan 27th. If you haven’t seen Don’t Panic in a while. Here is the video of our last show. https://youtu.be/l1GwbXRKco0?si=YBPYHRkaUQV-eQvZ  We hope you enjoy the video & we look forward to rocking with you live in the near future. 

Video of Don’t Panic performing at The Wanch during the H2 Festival. If you didn’t get to see Don’t Panic perform live at the H2 Festival at The Wanch here is the link for our entire show. https://youtu.be/7OuHmK9k-xY  We hope you enjoy it and we look forward to rocking you live in the near future.